We often throw out promises to pray like they throw candy at a parade. You’re having surgery? I’ll pray for you. You’re singing the solo this Sunday? I’ll pray for you. You’re trying a new recipe… well, maybe not.

But hopefully you know people who don’t make that pledge flippantly. A few times I’ve received a note or a precious card from a prayer warrior telling me a verse or a promise  they prayed over a situation. I’ve kept every one.

And recently my dear friend and mentor JoAnne Butler asked if she could pray with me over my writing. Well, of course, but little did I expect that she’d come to me with this list of requests that she’d make on my behalf.

Feel free to adopt these for yourself.

  • That your prayer and study time would leave you fulfilled and satisfied, but always, always wanting more.
  • That your new career and its demands never interfere—even in the least—with your relationship with God and family, and with your spiritual growth.
  • That you would be open, sensitive, and enabled to engage in opportunities for God to use you in the capacity He has now placed you in, and wherever that leads.
  • That you would find much favor with those you work for and with, especially your writing audience.
  • That spiritually speaking, you would have far more mountains than valleys.
  • That your marketing team would compile an accurate description of the very best of your personality.
  • That your website would be tastefully done with remarkable quality and creativity.
  • That your style and content will match perfectly with the publisher/customer’s needs and desires.
  • That your union with your new writing family would be pleasing to God, have a sustained enjoyment effect on all involved, and provide years of good working relationships, wonderful friendships, and blessings in every area.
  • That your mind would be sharp and ready to answer interview questions with insightful and motivating responses.
  • That your mind, emotions, and will would be strengthened and protected.
  • That your life visibly reflects that you live Coram Deo.
  • And that you remember that what you think about your Savior is the most important thing about you.

Can you believe that God blessed me with such a friend? And I hope you are blessed as well. Whether you utilize this prayer list for yourself or to bless another writer, I’ll pray that we remember to hold each other up before God.

Yes, I really will pray that.

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