I’m guest blogging this week so I’ll keep this list updated as new interviews are posted.

2/14/12 – Historical Stories Close to Home – What’s the editorial process like? How many people does it take to fix my grammar?

2/13/12 – Valentine’s Meet and Greet – How did I meet my husband? I’m embarrassed to admit it.

2/10/12 – The Literary Mama – A guest post for Preslaysa Williams’ Fiction Friday. A Rosa is a Rosa is a Rosa – considerations to be made as you name your characters.

2/9/12 – FamilyFiction – This is an interview that my publisher passed on to me. I didn’t know where it would show up, or when. Thank you Family Fiction for sharing!

2/9/12 – Books by Sherri – Sherri Wilson Johnson is offering a FREE copy of Sixty Acres as well as a fun interview. I can’t believe that there are two homeschooling moms in America that took this same dance class (in different states, alas!).

2/8/12 – PenTalk Community – Here’s an article on different methods of handling stories that are inspired by Biblical or historical events.

2/7/12 – Legacy of a Writer – Katie McCurdy asks “Who would you want to play Weston and Rosa in the movie?” Plus a Sixty Acres and a Bride GIVEAWAY.

2/6/12 – Lighthouse Academy Blogspot – Thanks to Laura Hilton for this interview. My favorite question – “If you could spend an evening with one person who is currently alive, who would it be and why?”

2/6/12 – Operation Encourage an Author – Casey Herringshaw certainly encourages this author with her review of Sixty Acres. We also discuss “Why Write Historical Fiction?”

2/3/12 – Our Journey Home – I guest blogged on Melanie’s Brasher’s site. Please visit for a chance to win a FREE copy of Sixty Acres.


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