I love hearing stories of heroism—of people who take ordinary opportunities and turn them into spiritual victories. Yesterday while talking to a childhood friend of mine I heard such a tale.

A Fortunate Affliction?

Sunday evening Mary’s 7-year-old son developed an earache. They tried eardrops and ibuprofen, but nothing worked. About 8:30 p.m. she took him to a tiny 24-hour clinic, trying to get him some relief for the night. While she sat in the empty waiting room and filled out paperwork, a teenage couple entered. Mary couldn’t help but overhear their discussion with the nurse. The girl wanted a pregnancy test. The nurse told her that she couldn’t give her one because she was underage, but she could give her Planned Parenthood’s phone number.

It was at this point that Mary got involved. “Did you know there’s a Crisis Pregnancy Center here in town?” she asked. Yes, they’d walked by it on their way to the clinic, but it was closed. Mary happened to know the director and called her. She didn’t answer, so Mary volunteered to take the couple to the pharmacy where she’d buy them a pregnancy test if that was their only need. They were happy to wait until her son’s appointment was over to go with her.

By the time they finished at the pharmacy the Crisis Pregnancy Center’s director returned her call and offered to meet them at her office. Before the night was over Mary had connected with two very scared teenagers and put them in touch with godly counsel and compassionate care.

A Chance for Reflection

I had to stop and thank God for His magnificent orchestration. A Sunday night earache led to a relationship that Mary has continued to have with this young lady through texting over the week. And how about the CPC director who made her phone number available and was willing to leave her family late on a Sunday night?

It made me wonder, who has my phone number? Am I available when someone needs help? Do I have a reputation of being reliable in an emergency? Can God trust me to get involved or do I pretend I can’t hear the needs around me?

I’m proud of Mary and of brave soldiers like her.

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