In case you didn’t see the break-in news alert, I was awarded The Versatile Blogger Award by my friend LeAnne Hardy last week. Now, while I try to decide how to invest the winnings, I must comply with the stringent requirements accompanying this prestigious award:

1. List 7 things people may not know about you.

2. Pass the award on to 7 new bloggers and let them know that they won.

3. Don’t forget to thank the blogger who gave the award to you.

Thank you, LeAnne. I spent some quality time with LeAnne at the recent ACFW Conference. She is a fascinating lady. She has lived all over the globe, has a heart for missions and a talent for international fiction. Naming me in this award was a nice way for her to send her readers to my blog, so please visit hers at

Okay, now for the hard part – seven things people may not know about me? What will I least regret making public?

1) I’ve driven across this country from coast to coast, sea to shining sea. In September I loaded the kids up and drove from Oklahoma to Virginia Beach to be with my husband who was working there. A few years ago, a friend of mine and our favorite seven kids made the drive from Oklahoma to San Diego. We did that one non-stop, 23 hours in the Excursion. Thank you, redbox.

2) I shot my first bird when I was eight. It was a robin and my grandma made sure I was sorry for it. Then to soften the blow she taught me to pull the abdomens off lightning bugs and smear them on my face so it glowed. Evidently, Grandma’s mercy didn’t extend to insects.

3) I’m a coward when it comes to riding motorcycles and small airplanes. Every time I think “It won’t be as scary this time” – but it is.

4) Got a craving for sweets? My favorite fix – a stick of butter and a box of yellow cake mix. Melt the butter, mix it together and get a spoon. Yum!

5) I love musicals. Some favorites are The Pirates of Penzance, Phantom of the Opera, Evita, Singing in the Rain, Oklahoma!, and 1776. 

6) In my heart, I’m a dancer. In my feet, I’m a Baptist.

7) My only true sports injury came from breaking a wild donkey. Bareback. It took off and my dad tried to pull me off its back while I was still trying to hold on. I ended up getting smashed against a pipe fence resulting in some nice striped bruising. My doctor wasn’t happy. Turns out donkey breaking isn’t approved behavior for pregnant women.

Whew! I’m glad to get that off my chest. So, let me step out of the confessional and let’s move on to the next victims.

Here they are in no particular order except alphabetical:

Aimee  – A Real Housewife of Western Oklahoma. She’s just getting started, but is already syndicated in a couple of newspapers. Be there when she hits it big.

Angie – Angie’s blog makes HGTV jealous, and the best part is that she often includes pictures of my nephews.

Anne –  Always thought provoking and inspiring, Anne’s blog is a calm haven in the garish blogosphere.

Jenny – Her tag line – The Debutante of Diaperland  (A Hopeless Romantic Living in a Thomas the Train World). Clever lady, and so cute.

Karen – Mrs. Troop has a house full of kids. If anyone is versatile, it’s this mom.

Melissa – Absolutely beautiful blog with a scrapbooking layout. If you’re looking for inspiration in creating your own albums, look no further.

Trina – Creator Designs makes awesome T-shirts. This blog shows you the latest in designs and keeps you up to date on Christian and Country music with interviews from some of their famous customers. Did I mention that she’s my little sister?

Another cool thing…all these ladies have volunteered to be influencers for Sixty Acres and a Bride. They are kind enough to serve as a “street team” for the book when it is released. I’m still looking for a few more members. If you’re interested please email me and let me know.

Now, what blogs do you enjoy? Do you have one of your own you’d like to share?

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