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 The Trust Chronicles: Molly Lovelace     

To Do List:  Change My Name and Move to a New Town

                        Burn Every Last One of Bailey’s Letters

                        Buy Chocolates for Myself

Dear Rosa,

If I weren’t in such a tizzy I’d apologize for writing on a page torn from my journal, but I’m too furious to be concerned with niceties.

Can you believe that man? Has he taken leave of his senses? I could feel the disapproval of the whole congregation as Bailey confessed his temptation…namely me…so I surely couldn’t stay for the dinner afterwards, however much I wished to hear your thoughts after witnessing his scandalous performance.

So I ask you—What could cause Bailey to reject me so coldly when he claims to love me? Can he honestly believe he’s following God’s wishes? Would a loving God tell him to stop loving me?

Knowing you, all sorts of colorful Spanish proverbs are bubbling up. The only proverb that comes to my mind is:

A whip for the horse,

A bridle for the ass,

And a rod for the fool’s back.

That’s in the Bible. I looked it up, and if your husband Weston would like to impart this bit of Biblical wisdom onto his cousin, I’d be much obliged. I’d do it myself, but I’ve made a solemn vow never to touch Bailey Garner again, even with a hickory switch.

"Molly" by Monica Bruenjes

“Molly” by Monica Bruenjes

I only wish I understood what I’d done to deserve this treatment. I thought I could trust Bailey. I thought he cared for me and wanted what was best for me. My parents have failed me. Time and time again they’ve chosen what’s easy for them, what satisfied their ambitions. Bailey was different. I could rely on him. Even now he claims to be breaking our courtship for my own good. Not that I believe him—

So, who does that leave to champion my cause? And before you recommend that I take my problems to God (see how well I know you) I will remind you that God is the one who got me into this mess. If Bailey has broken our relationship because I’m a big sinner, then obviously God doesn’t want anything to do with me either. No, it looks like I’m on my own. I guess when it comes down to it, you can’t trust anyone but yourself. At least, that’s my experience.

And yet I can’t help but wish…

Molly Letter

Maybe someday I’ll find a safe haven. Maybe someday I’ll clean up enough that Bailey won’t run when he sees me coming. Maybe someday I’ll be a fine lady and even God will approve, but I doubt it.

Yet, there’s nothing to do besides sally forth and try to make the best of an unfortunate situation. Don’t worry about me, friend. According to my father, in a week I won’t even remember Bailey Garner’s name. This pain will be long forgotten.

So he says.

And I don’t want to trouble you, either. In fact, I feel better already just writing these words. Whether I mail this letter or not is inconsequential, now. Instead I’ll go to the millinery and pick out a new hat. Fashion should remedy heartbreak…and cause less distress to my corset strings than chocolate.

I’ll find my way out of this mess. I can do it on my own. Just wait and see.



Prize Package


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Tuesday, May 14th: Joanne Bischof  (Heroine: Cassie Allan, Though My Heart is Torn)
Wednesday, May 15th: Amanda Dykes (Heroine: Bonnie McDonnell, Among the Pines)
Thursday, May 16th: Karen Barnett (Heroine: Laurie Burke, Mistaken)
Friday, May 17th: Sarah Sundin (Heroine: Georgie Taylor, On Distant Shores)
Thank you for spending your time with us and God bless!

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