I love the people in my books. I really do. If they bore me I make them funnier. If they annoy me, I make something bad happen to them so they straighten up. If only the real world…

But I digress.

I had so much fun writing Sixty Acres and a Bride that I wanted to write more  and after the encouragement I’d received at conference, I had an excuse to do so.

While in Africa, I’d sent Sixty Acres to a handful of friends to look over, so I had some great suggestions waiting on me when I got home. After working through them I was convinced it was as good as I could get it, so I attached the hefty file to an email and hit send.

Now, as far as I was concerned I was finished for the year. My New Year’s Resolution had been to write a book. I’d written it, edited it and sent it in. It was October. I had a few months to plan for next year’s challenge. Writing another book was my first choice. Way more fun than trying to lose five pounds – again.

While I tweaked the synopsis for a second book another email came in, even more unsettling than the first.

It was from Mr. Long at Bethany House. He said that he’d read most of my manuscript and it was “working quite nicely”.  I wasn’t sure whether that was praise or not, but then he requested my bio, other projects and ideas I had, and my best wishes for a publishing schedule…would a book a year work?

I checked the email address again, suspecting a prank by my family, but unless they’d hacked BHP’s computer, it was legit. By this point even I had to acknowledge this looked good.

But there were still many steps – an editorial acquisitions meeting, a publishing board meeting – many opportunities for this good news to fizzle out. And what if the impossible happened and they bought the book?

And that’s exactly what happened. Before the end of the year, they’d offered a contract. Unbelievable! I was completely terrified. Could I pass myself off as an author? Who was going to believe it? Maybe I should back out before they invested too much into me.

But I couldn’t do that, not when God’s hand was so evident. You know, we rely on faith when things are bad – as we should – but faith is also for those moments when things go so incredibly well that you know you’re in over your head. Faith reminds us of His power and faith assures us that God has a purpose. He won’t abandon us mid-journey.

Holding on to those promises, I signed the contract and buckled down for the ride. And that’s where you find me today – praying I don’t mess up this wonderful opportunity, praying that God will be honored no matter the length of this adventure. Amazed, humbled, bewildered, I’m where I never expected to be… and loving every minute of it.


Signing the Contract!

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