How different my childhood would’ve been if my mother hadn’t loved books! How about your mom? Did you share books? Do you share books now? Or maybe she doesn’t read much now, but you wish she would.

Well, I can think of a few books to recommend. <<wink, wink>>

And if Mom is going to get a book, it might as well be autographed. How can we make this work?

1. Snap a picture of the receipt showing where you bought your book (Dated April or May 2015) or a screen shot will work, too, if it was purchased online. The book has to be one of mine, because I can’t really sign someone else’s book, can I?

Easter 20142. Email me at with the picture, the name you’d like the bookplate signed to, and your mailing address.

3. I’ll get the bookplate in the mail to you as soon as possible.

A few rules, here, please. This offer isn’t good on books that were complimentary copies, only purchased copies. U.S. addresses only, and if you bought the book for yourself, who am I to judge? I’ll sign it to you, too!

Thank you for sharing my stories, and Happy Mother’s Day!



A Most Inconvenient Marriage (657x1024)

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