“What was she doing here? Returning to Mexico didn’t seem so bad compared to the shame of what she planned. True, if there was anyone who could help her, it was this man. And if there was anyone she’d like to visit with or work beside, it was he. But alas, he didn’t return her regard. He’d purposely avoided her for over a month now. Yet here she was in the middle of the night with instructions to go to his bed and ask for money.” – Sixty Acres and a Bride

While Sixty Acres and a Bride isn’t a straight retelling of the Biblical story of Ruth, it does contain Ruth’s scandalous act to secure her future. How bold, how shocking was Ruth’s behavior—but Boaz responded in love and acceptance to redeem her.

Royal, but in Danger

Ruth wasn’t the only lady in the Bible driven to unorthodox measures. Queen Esther needed a miracle to save her people, too. Even though she was the queen, the punishment for entering the King’s throne room without a summons was death. Esther should have waited for the King to send for her, but instead she plowed through the crowd, pushed through the guards and risked her life to petition her sovereign.

Seeking Healing

And while we’re talking about desperate women, what about the woman who was unclean and forbidden from touching any man because of her medical condition? Did she watch from her window, bemoaning the barrier that kept her from her Messiah? No, she too fought her way through the throng and reached for the hem of her Sovereign’s gown, believing that the forbidden touch would heal her. With trembling fingers she grasped for her only hope and her faith was rewarded. Her Savior was pleased that she dared approach Him.

Our Examples?

What would Ruth, Esther and the woman from Capernaum say about the way we chase after the One who can save us? Would these women tell us that we are too ladylike in our pursuit? Do we wait until we’re desperate before we call to Him? Do we hesitate to speak to our powerful and holy Lord? Are we afraid to claim our position as His Bride?

Unworthy, unclean, sinful – we can’t deny our failings. But once we confess the sin that bars us from fellowship, it’s gone. We’re welcomed to grasp his robe, his cloak, grasp his nail-scarred hand and we’ll find that He has already redeemed our estate. He turns with opened arms even though we were not sure He was expecting us, ready to restore. Ready with sanctuary.

Seek and you will find. Knock and the door will be opened. Ask and it shall be given.

He is pleased by our pursuit.

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