My Mom (far right) and my sisters.

Most everyone has a shoe box tucked away brimming with crisp letters that they cherish. With all our e-mailing and Facebook messaging I hope we don’t forget to occasionally send an honest-to-goodness letter on stationery – something that can be stumbled upon years later.

Going through an old book this week I found a note from my mother tucked between the pages, and it was everything you hope to find in a discovery of correspondence past. Sure, it reflected on a significant event, but more importantly it sounded like her. No one else (with the possible exceptions of my cousins Cindy and Lori) would write with such heartfelt conviction.

If I could only keep one letter from my mother, it would be this one (unless she writes me an even better one someday).

 (Dated, summer of my senior year) Friday, 2:03 a.m.

Regina precious,

I have (several times) asked my lovely daughters to please put their make-up, hair appliances, gunk and misc. away after they use it, but so far no one has heeded their dear mother. So, Thursday I put it all in a trash bag and was going to keep it for a while.

However, due to my getting to bed very late – or actually early morning – and my earnest desire to sleep late, and knowing your lively temperament and conscientiousness in getting to your job on time, I have reconsidered. If you are missing anything (and you are) it is most likely in the trash bag beneath the sink in your bathroom. If, when you are through with it, you put it away it won’t be put back into the trash bag to be held ransom.

Please humor your loving and deserving mother by cleaning up after yourself and letting her sleep late.

I love you immensely!

Sincerely, etc.,


—That’s a treasure! How about you? Do you have a favorite letter you’ve held on to over the years?

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