You know how it is – You fill your cart with the items you need at Amazon and then low and behold, you find out that you’re only $2.42 short of reaching that magic free shipping number! What else should you buy? I asked my thrifty friends on Facebook what they do to reach the magic number and they had a whole cartload of ideas. Here are a few of them:

 51cKpB14PiL._SL500_SS100_ Liberty’s Kids – $5.00

The fabulous Lori told me about this special. I LOVE LIBERTY’s KIDS! This series was on TV back when my 19-year-old was little and it’s a great series that reinforces your child’s American History lessons.  For only $5? You’ve got to be kidding me! Love, love, love, this deal!


A Ladies’ Shawl – under $5.00

I didn’t bother posting a picture because there are so many inexpensive scarves to choose from, but if you’re looking for a little something extra for you, this is a nice addition.  Great idea, Linda.


5-Piece Stylus Set for your iPhone – $1.14

This is pure genius. Never in a thousand years would I have thought to get extra styli for my smartphone…maybe because I don’t have one, but these are so cheap, I might have to get some anyway! Good stocking stuffers, too. Thanks, Sherri for the tip!


Wilton Holiday 6-piece Cookie Cutters – $5.76

Cookie Cutters! I never think to buy cookie cutters, but every December when I’m making Grandma Laura’s Sugar Cookies, I wished I had. Plus, if these get you free shipping, then they paid for themselves! I owe you one, Heather.

Batteries! – Starting at $3.99

“Oops, I bought too many batteries. We’ll never use these!” – said no one ever! Not a glamorous purchase, but so practical. Karla is a smart cookie!


Dover Books –  $1.50 and up

These Dover books can buy you hours of silence when you most need it. They have holiday books, science books, coloring books, and all sorts of activities to keep the kiddos occupied. What a bargain! Mary suggests keeping a few in your purse for a surprise when you’re stuck in a waiting room.

Other ideas suggested by the Facebook posse – hair products, jewelry, Christmas socks, chocolate, yarn, craft glue, Scotch tape, ginger candy, ear buds, throw pillow, and holiday stickers.

Of course, I’d be remiss if I neglected the Number One Answer of the night…


We can’t have too many books, can we? As much as we authors love to write and research, if we don’t sell books eventually we have to get a real job. So, if you’re looking to reach your free shipping, don’t forget you can always toss a book into the cart, too!

Thanks so much and Merry Christmas!



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