Love in the Balance

Book Two in the Ladies of Caldwell County Series

Molly Lovelace dreams of being a society leader in 1879 Lockhart, Texas, but being smitten with handsome wrangler Bailey Garner doesn’t seem the quickest route. If only he would settle down so he could support a family.

Bailey imagines doing great things for God, but his greatest obstacle is Molly. As long as he thought they’d be married, he excused their stolen kisses, but when she keeps refusing, he vows to earn her love. In town, he tries his hand at several different trades, but everywhere he turns he runs into the mysterious stranger Edward Pierrepont. No surprise that Molly’s always making calf eyes at the wealthy adventurer.

As pressure from Molly’s parents grows she is forced into a hasty decision. Had she weighed all her options and will she find love in the balance?

“Jennings’ second Ladies of Caldwell County story is a sweet, fun-filled adventure with amazing characters who have high hopes their dreams will come true regardless of the hurdles in their way. Jennings always brings her “A” game into her books; this one, rich in details, is no exception!”

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