1. Stop talking long enough to get your picture taken. Nothing’s worse than getting home and realizing you look TUFF (Too Ugly For Facebook) while posing with your heroes.

2. It takes a twelve page hand-out to teach us how to write kissing scenes. Not that I’m complaining. Most interesting notes ever.

3. People on the elevator don’t care that you just realized Liz Curtis Higgs is standing next to you. They expect you to exit when the doors open.

4. Wearing a chicken costume and performing cartwheels under the St. Louis Arch while yelling, “Chicken Cartwheel! Chicken Cartwheel!” is perfectly acceptable behavior.

5. My editor doesn’t like to be hugged.

6. Faking an accent makes you sound adorable and gets you lots of attention. (How do we know Karen Schravemade is really from Australia?)

7. I’m shorter than I thought I was… even in heels.

8. When a man on the shuttle has a bag that says “Ted Dekker” on it… he might not actually be Ted.

9. Just because I’m excited and ready to go at 5:00 a.m. doesn’t mean my roommate is.

10. Even big name authors sneak into the bookstore to see how their books are selling.

What have you discovered that surprised you? Have you ever thought, “If only I would’ve known…?”

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