Ummm, more books? Of course! But that’s tricky. Book lovers can be a tad snobbish when it comes to receiving books. They tend to have opinions regarding what they read and if you choose poorly…well, you know the look.

So here’s a few suggestions on gifts for your literary friends and maybe something you’d like to pick up for yourself. (If the links are working correctly you should be able to click on the photo to visit the site.)

It might be counterproductive to give a Shakespearean Insult Mug to your favorite curmudgeon, but perhaps they won’t use the bard’s wit against you. – $12.95


And if they need help organizing all those shelves and have a sense of humor these book ends might be appreciated. – $16.00


For those willing to loan their books, an embosser would ensure the books are returned. – $39.95


If she likes to tote her books with her, this bag’s a must:


Or for a less pretentious gift – – $18.00


And something I’d love to have for my office… – $8.99


I hope this helps. Feel free to share links to your favorite bookish gifts and send some business to your favorite retailers.

Merry Christmas!

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