Do you people watch? It’s a favorite hobby of my husband’s. I get a bit nervous, afraid I’m going to get caught looking too closely or eavesdropping. I’d much rather find inspiration watching people who won’t complain – people who are dressed in elaborate costumes and have a colorful story to tell. No, I’m not talking about Vegas performers, I’m talking about some of the great paintings of the past.

No surprise my favorite art tells a story. The scene leaves you to imagine what happened before, what will happen next? Who are these people and how will this event change them?

A great blog I visit for inspiration is Barbara has several blogs where she shares little known paintings that give a glimpse of a time past. It’s a treasure trove of story and possibilities.

So here is one of my favorites. Who are these two ladies? Sisters? A maid and her lady? Did the lady on the right wear the tartan to get the man’s attention? If so, it isn’t working. 🙂

Portsmouth Dockyard by James Tissot

 What story do you see here? Where do you look for a good story?

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