As you might know, my publisher Bethany House is famous for their historical romances. They pioneered Christian historical romance (Janette Oke, anyone?) and have led the genre ever since.

What they are not famous for are their novella collections. Bethany House hasn’t had a novella collection for decades.

Until now….

So if Bethany House were going to publish a novella collection what would the genre be? Almost guaranteed it’d be historical romance. What setting? What tone? Hmm…Western settings are popular. Humor is always good.

Naturally they’d want an author who has a huge following and many books already penned. One who writes funny cowboy stories like –







And they’d want another author with years of experience under her belt and a faithful following. One who’s written numerous novellas and over 25 books like –







Two down, two to go.

Now they might look to their newer authors. Of course they’d want one who is racking up awards like skeeball tickets. One with adoring readers who beg her to write more than one book a year. An author who produces great books like –








Their work is almost done. They have a novella team of Mary Connealy, Carol Cox and Karen Witemeyer. One spot left to fill.

Here they evaluate the team they’ve put together. Western writers? – yes. Strong romantic elements? – check. Humor? – absolutely. Who would be their fourth writer to meet these criteria? Maybe someone newer? Someone who’s just getting her writing career started with books like –






Can you hear me squealing? Is your screen bouncing from me jumping up and down?

Keeping quiet this long has taxed my self-control, but it’s so worth it.

But the wait isn’t over. Bethany House’s first Novella Collection since the Reagan years will come out in January 2014. History in the making. And you’re the first to know.


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