The prospect of book signings has always made me nervous. I’m one of those people who skip the buildings at the fair that hold the vendors. I hate to see their hopeful expressions as I make my way down the corridor.

“Here she comes. I bet she has jewelry to be cleaned, I bet she needs vinyl siding, I bet….nevermind. She only wanted the free salsa sample.”

Would I be the same?

Debut authors have an uphill battle. There’ll be no lines of excited fans at the store waiting to meet you. If you have a fan, then they already have your one book. It’ll be another year before they can buy the next one.

So that’s where generous, kind-hearted friends come in…and friends of friends….and friends of friend’s friends.  They don’t know if they are going to like your book. They might not even read the genre, but they want to celebrate with you.

And it’s just stinking awesome of them.

These amazing friends put a ton of effort into this party. No New York Times Bestselling Author has ever had a more professional, more talented team organizing their event.

And I had a blast. My sisters took care of the money. Friends and my mom manned the food and door prize tables. All I had to do was laugh, talk, and try not to talk while writing something in the book at the same time. Weird things make it onto paper when that happens.

I can’t say how grateful I am to the ladies who put up with me everyday and still wanted to help. And to everyone who came out to buy a book from an author they’ve never read before, words can’t express how much your support encourages me.

Thank you!


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