Intrigue a la Mode

A Harvey House Brides Novella


2020 Christy Finalist


Willow Kentworth finds herself drawn to the restaurant’s new busboy, Graham, but little does she know he’s a railroad heir working undercover to track down criminals using his trains. As he sets out to find the truth, another truth soon becomes equally urgent–will the Harvey Girl he has come to love care for the railroad heir as much as she cared for the lowly busboy?


“In this enjoyable and revealing four-in-one historical novella collection, four well-loved inspirational authors present satisfying tales of romance, each story featuring a young woman who works for the prestigious Harvey House, an upscale dining establishment that is franchised along the booming United States railway system. Here are tales of a second chance at love, of learning to stand up against others’ prejudices, the exposure of a railroad smuggling scheme, and revealing one’s true identity in spite of a shameful past and social ostracism.

Spanning the years 1898-1929, each woman’s journey to love is unique even as each involves themes of self-worth, honesty, character, and forgiveness. Tracie Peterson, Karen Witemeyer, Regina Jennings, and Jen Turano create colorful settings that capture the charm and challenges of historical New Mexico, Texas, Kansas, and Arizona. Each story is rich in emotional development, while the tensions between characters of different social classes makes for delightfully complex dramas of upstairs-downstairs relationships.”

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