The Christmas Chronicles is a blog hop between 5 historical romance authors. Our desire is to bring you joy through these letters, grounded in the true spirit of the season, and written from the fictional viewpoints of each book’s heroine. We’re so glad to have you join the event. Each day this week, a new Christmas Chronicles post will go live, complete with a letter and a new ornament giveaway for that blog post.


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A Letter from Abigail Calhoun

A Most Inconvenient Marriage

Hart County, Missouri 1865

A Most Inconvenient Marriage 


Dear Romeo,

You’re dead. I thought I’d mention the fact in case you’d forgotten. And while I’m not in the habit of writing to dead people, I’ve decided to make an exception for my dearly departed husband.

You were so many things to me—the one who banished my dread of the sick ward, the one who sent me here to Missouri, the one who gave me this challenging job—that I forget who you weren’t. You weren’t my husband really—only in name. You weren’t even Romeo, but the name Jeremiah doesn’t fit you either, so I’ll keep Romeo if you don’t mind.

How I wish you had been here to make the introductions to your family, but if you’d survived then our arrangement would’ve been unnecessary in the first place. Your mother is well and missing you terribly. I’d like to say the same for your sister, but you’d immediately recognize it for a falsehood. Seems there was much you forgot to mention when discussing her condition. A very wise decision.

I do want you to know that I’ve fallen in love with the mountains. Their craggy beauty inspires…and intimidates. Knowing that you’re already in the presence of our Savior, I have to wonder if you’ve asked Him how exactly He created these hills. Did their dark recesses appear only after sin entered the world, or are they a part of their original beauty?

DSCN0092 (800x600)

Sometimes the brutality of the wilderness astounds me, and then I think of our Lord who left the glory and comforts of heaven to come suffer with us and for us. How primitive and harsh this world must have seemed. How sharp the rocks to his little feet. How cold the winter gales against his tender cheek. What He endured to bring us joy. Such thoughts embolden me to persevere and protect this plot of earth you left in my care. I’ll do my best to restore it to the prosperous farm you’d remember.

So that’s all I have to say. A pity that in all my acquaintances, the only one I feel like I can truly share my thoughts with is…well, no one really. You are dead and will never read this letter. I’m here alone, just pretending that you, that someone, cares.

But God cares. Even though He feels far away now, this missive is ultimately addressed to Him. If He’s all I have, then it’s enough. Still, what would it be like to have someone here, in the flesh, to share this burden with? Someone who would hold me up when I feel like folding? Someone who could love Ma, Rachel and this rocky farm just as much as I do?

But where would I find such a man? The only one who cared is dead, and that’s why he sent me here. To do what he could no longer do.

Enough ink spilt on fruitless ponderings. This paper is destined for the fire and can take no more of my time, not when I already hear Rachel calling for her breakfast. I’ve found my place in the world and with that I’ll be content.  And I’ll pray that they’ll learn to love me as much as I love them. Thank you again for this charming, inconvenient gift.

Yours truly, although ever so briefly,

Abigail Stuart Calhoun


Thank you for reading Abigail’s letter and for sharing this Christmas celebration with us.

To keep the celebration going we’re having a giveaway. One lucky winner will receive an autographed copy of A Most Inconvenient Marriage, a handwritten copy of Abigail’s letter, and these lovely Christmas ornaments.

Christmas Chronicles Ornaments


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We invite you to join us each weekday this week as we hop through cyberspace and history, gleaning the love and joy of the Christmas season from each heroine’s journey.

Monday, December 1st: Regina Jennings  (Heroine: Abigail Calhoun, A Most Inconvenient Marriage)

Tuesday, December 2nd: Joanne Bischof  (Heroine: Sarah Miller, This Quiet Sky)

Wednesday, December 3rd: Amanda Dykes (Heroine: Aria St. John, Bespoke)

Thursday, December 4th: Karen Barnett (Heroine: Abby Fischer, Out of the Ruins)

Friday, December 5th: Sarah Sundin (Heroine: Grace Kessler, Where Treetops Glisten)

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Christmas Chronicles #3




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