Every adult needs a skill set that elevates them above the masses, that makes them valuable and employable. Even though I’ve chosen to stay home raising kids, when the need arises I’m confident that I can contribute to the family budget by falling back on my training….

…to weigh pigs.

This is my dad. My whole life he’s been a livestock order-buyer. He’s not a farmer or a butcher. He’s the one who brings them together.

You see, packing houses specialize in certain cuts of meat, but a farmer has pigs of every size, gender and condition. Order buyers get orders from the packing house for a precise number of animals of a preferred size. Then they have to find those animals to fill their order. If farmers are in a selling mood (and bring a lot of stock to the stockyards) the order-buyer might have to scramble to find businesses that will buy them. Supply and demand – the literal “Stock Market”.

Pigs (as well as most livestock) are bought and sold by the pound, so we must know what they weigh.

This is my station when I’m helping Dad. I am the Weighmaster. Although that sounds like an exercise device sold by Suzanne Somers, the weighmaster is responsible for paying the farmers a fair amount. The scale must be kept balanced and the weight tickets must be filled out correctly so the farmers are paid for their hogs – and no one else’s.

So I ask my dad to take a picture of me at work and do you know what he says. “Don’t you think you should’ve put on some make-up and done your hair?”

Excuse me? To work at the Stockyards?

This is my keyboard…


I’m afraid if I used this keyboard to write I’d end up with a dirty book. (Zoom in to see what I mean!)

This is my walkway to the office…


That’s not confetti on the catwalk. It’s pigeon decorations.

So forgive me if I didn’t dress up enough for this post. At least the pictures aren’t scratch and sniff.

Thanks for letting me share this part of my glamorous life with you.

One final picture. Can you think of a good caption for this?



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